Primary Bedroom

Tradition + Something New

Growing up, there was one Christmas I had a real Christmas tree in my bedroom. I can’t remember why. But, filed under “magical moments in my childhood,” there it shines. Still, today. But was it a dream? It was so magical, like – did it even happen? I literally just

Black Velvet Curtains

This post is sponsored by Curtarra Curtains but all views are my own. Some things never go out of style. In this case: velvet curtains. Black velvet curtains. There are so many ways to do curtains. As an accent color, to make your windows appear taller or wider, to camouflage

Painting Doors, Trim & Ceilings to Match Walls

As soon as we set out to design our primary bedroom, we were immediately drawn to dark, saturated colors – specifically grays and blacks. There are many positives to taking a room super dark – especially a bedroom because the dark color is calming, and pretty much guarantees a good