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It’s time to answer some recent, most commonly asked questions! I’ve linked to things as requested when possible, but because so many of the things in our home are purchased secondhand from estate sales, thrift and antique stores and sourced from Facebook Marketplace, I’m not able to link everything! I do suggest you google lens something you love and see if something similar pops up for you – but if not, let me know and I’ll do my best to provide any information I can to help you!

  1. Some questions and criticisms on why we have an armoire or “wardrobe” in our living room – and not a bedroom

    We can call it a hutch or a cabinet if you’d like, but no matter what you’d like to call it, we placed it in our living room for a host of reasons. The piece is seven feet wide, two feet deep over seven feet tall and helps to fill the space on what we call our “monster wall.” Plus, I love a large antique piece of furniture in the main space of a home as a focal point and conversation piece. It also serves as a huge storage hub, where I’m currently keeping my budding pillow collection. Apparently, I’m a pillow lady now. This is where we’re at.

    2. Where did you get the yellow umbrellas in the backyard?

    They are from California Umbrella! Ours are the Terrace in the color Sunny-Side Smarties from their Malibu Point Dreamhouse Edition! Read about them here

    3. Where did you get your front doors?

      Our front doors are from Freedom Iron Doors, here in DFW! Ask for Mika, and tell them Lindsay sent you! And stay tuned because they may or may not have been back at our house recently helping us dream up another really cool, modern update!

      4. Where did you get the dress you wore on Homeworthy?

        I love this dress! I bought it at a Farmer’s Market in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea but I have the shop’s Instagram! Message her and she’ll help you!

        5. Where are your leather sofas from?

        We bought our leather sofas from AllModern! Here they are and some similar ones also from AllModern are linked below!

        6. Can you link the small outdoor tables?

        You bet! Get them here!

        7. Where are the striped pillows from?

        Ours are the 24”x24” in cabana stripe yellow and can be purchased here!

        8. How old are you?


        9. How do you have a son in college?

        You’re telling ME! It’s wild! Max was born right after I turned 23! And because of when his birthday falls, he’s very young for his class – so it’s even more wild when I tell you he’s about to wrap up his JUNIOR year of college!

        10. Did you write a book? I thought I saw a book with your name in the Homeworthy tour?

        At Christmas I wrote a blog post about our first-ever kitchen Christmas tree and Josh’s cousin, Laurie had it printed into a BOOK for us and their family! You’ll have to check out the post to see why it was so special. I have always wanted to write a book, however – and it’s currently on my to-do list! I’ve started it.

        11. Can you link your outdoor bean bags?

        We LOVE these! We call them our cabana chairs! The kids can haul them around and move them wherever they want and we keep them clean with a robust hose down. I stack them under our covered patio in the off season, but this will be our third season with them and we’re so impressed. I’ve linked a bunch of similarly designed, different color ones, too, which can be found here. And you can get taupe and white or grey and white striped ones here.

        12. Who installed your turf?

        The best! Tell them I sent you!

        As always, please ask your questions and I’ll answer! You can always reach me via DM on Instagram, or send me an email from my website. Have a great day! See you later!

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