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A Major Gift for YOU!

The top question right now on my Instagram feed reels and posts, in my DMs and on our Homeworthy episode is… “Where did you get your umbrellas?” First off, I have to tell you what this post is NOT. This is not a sponsored post. And this is not affiliate

The Perfect Backyard Umbrella

This post is sponsored by California Umbrella, but all views are my own. Our backyard recently underwent a redesign and update. Our goal for our backyard was to make it extremely functional, appealing for our active, four-seasons-outdoor-loving family, and aesthetically pleasing. The first thing we knew we wanted to incorporate

Wi-Fi Flex Lights in our Backyard

This post is sponsored by Enbrighten but all views are my own. Who said backyard lighting had to be boring? We’ve upped our exterior illumination game thanks to the ingenuity of our new Wi-Fi flex lights from Enbrighten. We’ve been in the middle of a backyard renovation to increase the

Our Backyard Redesign

We have spent two-and-a-half years brainstorming about our backyard and how to make it more functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Currently, it is covered in around 1,200 square feet of flagstone – which is beautiful! But it’s a lot of “brown” with no contrasting color and it is a LOT

Removing Old Lampposts

We should start with the carnage. And the good news: we sold all six lampposts! The best part about this project was that my mom and I did it alone! Second best was that we passed every, single one of them on to people who were looking to salvage or

Front Entry Table Design for Spring

One of my favorite parts about this house is the foyer. I didn’t grow up dreaming about one this size, but I did grow up dreaming about one just large enough to have a center table on the other side of the front door where I could places bunches of