Wi-Fi Flex Lights in our Backyard

This post is sponsored by Enbrighten but all views are my own.

Who said backyard lighting had to be boring? We’ve upped our exterior illumination game thanks to the ingenuity of our new Wi-Fi flex lights from Enbrighten.

We’ve been in the middle of a backyard renovation to increase the functionality of our space, and give it a modern update. I can’t think of a better match for lighting for this project, than this smart accent lighting, fully controllable – and customizable – using the free Enbrighten app. There are literally 62 color options, six different white temperatures, three-color combinations, effects like fade, twinkle, blink, chase or solid, dimming, scheduling, custom modes and voice controls!

In addition to the premium LED technology, the design, construction and thin profile make it super easy to install on grass, lining flower beds or walkways, and even on hardscape like our raised, flagstone, boxwood beds! I placed the lights on top of the stone, and easily went around the corner. Each box of flex lights comes with mounting stakes and clips if you need them for flower beds or your lawn. They come in 24′, 16′ and 8′ lengths. I installed two more flex lights lining the edge of our upper patio and they literally just hug every curve and look so stinking smart!

We host a lot of family and friends for backyard get-togethers, pool parties, holiday events and birthdays and I know regardless of the theme, I’ll have so much fun customizing our flex lights to compliment the overarching vibe!

The Enbrighten Wi-Fi- Flex Lights can even be grouped with their Landscape and Cafe Lights and can be controlled together in the Enbrighten app all at one time! These lights are fit for the outdoors but I’m already scheming and dreaming where I’m going to use these next. These would be perfect in a media room, or awesome in your kitchen, as under counter lights. Be sure to use this link to order these lights for your space! And stay tuned to see how we use these lights in the future!

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