Our Hanging Christmas Trees and What I Learned

This Christmas, we suspended Christmas trees from our living room ceiling. What began as an act of creative expression, ended up being an accomplished engineering feat, a display that reminded me of a 5th Avenue department store, a train of slowly passing cars in front of the house each evening,

Tradition + Something New

Growing up, there was one Christmas I had a real Christmas tree in my bedroom. I can’t remember why. But, filed under “magical moments in my childhood,” there it shines. Still, today. But was it a dream? It was so magical, like – did it even happen? I literally just

Black Velvet Curtains

This post is sponsored by Curtarra Curtains but all views are my own. Some things never go out of style. In this case: velvet curtains. Black velvet curtains. There are so many ways to do curtains. As an accent color, to make your windows appear taller or wider, to camouflage

Our Two Story Closet

Somethings in life you just don’t even know to dream. For me, it was a two-story closet. Two years ago, we were living in a 1,200 square feet New York City duplex with an NYC-apartment sized closet and a collection of see-through, plastic-lidded bins tucked away under our bed containing

Front Entry Table Design for Spring

One of my favorite parts about this house is the foyer. I didn’t grow up dreaming about one this size, but I did grow up dreaming about one just large enough to have a center table on the other side of the front door where I could places bunches of

Painting Doors, Trim & Ceilings to Match Walls

As soon as we set out to design our primary bedroom, we were immediately drawn to dark, saturated colors – specifically grays and blacks. There are many positives to taking a room super dark – especially a bedroom because the dark color is calming, and pretty much guarantees a good

Our Plans for Custom Iron Doors

In case you missed our big announcement, we’re installing custom iron and glass doors! When we were initially collecting design ideas we loved, we began saving images and created a collage to keep us focused. With custom doors, you can literally customize almost every detail, and a collage kept us