Black Velvet Curtains

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Some things never go out of style. In this case: velvet curtains. Black velvet curtains.

There are so many ways to do curtains. As an accent color, to make your windows appear taller or wider, to camouflage an unsightly view, block out light or noise, or enhance a color you love with a monochromatic aesthetic. When we color drenched our primary bedroom a year after painting only the walls black (Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams) I had a vision of monochromatic, dramatic window treatments that, when open, would cover the sides of our large wall of windows and filter some of the bright light, but when drawn closed, would encase the room into a pitch-black, quiet enclave with a floor-to-ceiling wall of triple-pinch-pleated black velvet curtains.

We were ecstatic when Curtarra Curtains reached out and graciously gifted their custom curtains for our cozy, winter refresh design. We used their online measurement tool to create this bold statement look in a matter of minutes. Since their designs are 100% customizable, you can select the fabric type and color, even the header of your choice (a grommet header, rod pocket, or double or triple pinch pleat.) Their website also has helpful diagrams about how to take your measurements to ensure your length preference – whether you want your curtains to hit just above the floor, kiss the floor, or have a 2″ puddle. Curtarra has different lining options like white, black out, or triple weave. And if you have questions, customer service is just a click away and so helpful!

Ours are the Laura Crystal Velvet Curtains with a triple-pinch-pleat header. We are thrilled with the quality. They are very heavy in the best way possible, and have brought my vision for this room to reality. If you’re interested in custom curtains, but not necessarily black velvet ones, Curtarra has a range of other materials. You can select between patterns, and materials like cotton, sheer, linen, silk or satin.

It’s always a great sign design-wise when you find yourself not really wanting to leave the space you’ve just created. It’s also a great sign you’ve selected the perfect curtains when you love them open, framing the sides of your windows, as much as you love them drawn closed. It’s just an extra layer to a room, a finishing touch if you will, and these are absolutely the chef’s kiss to our bedroom.


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