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Hi, my name is Lindsay! Thank you for coming by! Josh and I are having a riot over here tackling our biggest project yet: turning this Texas-sized house into our home, and we’ve decided to bring you along as we decorate, renovate, learn to keep a lawn and garden, make mistakes, change our minds, learn as we go – and open our home to host family and friends all along the way.

We moved here from the Upper East Side of NY in the spring of 2021 ready for a change, timed up with our oldest preparing to attend Baylor University the next fall. One weekend, we flew down to Texas to tour Baylor and looked at eight homes covering 200 miles the next day. The house we bought was the second one we looked at. We put an offer in the next morning, and by the time our flight touched back down in NYC, it had been accepted. “Were you familiar with Texas?” Nope! I had visited Dallas for work once in 2000 and we’d visited friends’ lakehouse outside of Austin one summer, Josh had been to Austin for work a few times, but other than that we knew nothing about Texas except that Max was going to attend Baylor and now we’d just bought a house. It was go-time.

My most commonly asked question is where do I pull my inspiration and who inspires my work. We love to travel, and we LOVE hotels. Josh and I are inspired a lot by the different hotels we love and we’re always taking note of their large-scale arrangements, dramatic entries, lighting, music, the conversations between a modern lobby and its antique furniture or the way a hotel layers the senses that keep a spirit lifted. I try and incorporate these moments into our every day lives and weave it in the dreams I’m trying to bring to life here at this home, our current project in North Texas, because I love these elements when we travel, and wish to bring those moments home.

On the other hand, I also love a good, cozy, nostalgic Nancy Meyers movie and I do love a good storybook fairytale and I think that’s why so many people explain my designs in one word: magical. Which means I’m conveying my inner-hopes and design dreams, and simultaneously personifying hospitality – because this is the highest praise in my book.

So when I’m asked how to sum up my designs, or “nutshell” my inspiration, I would say it’s Kelly Wearstler – meets Ralph Lauren – meets Andy Warhol – meets Old Hollywood – meets The Plaza Hotel. And you know what – I’m still not sure that’s everything. I have the same problem if you’d ask me my favorite genre of music (all of it) my favorite color (all of them) etc. I studied architecture and drafting for years in school – wanted to be an architect for years actually! – and Josh and I both love art and art history. I think it’s possible for a designer to store bits of all of their interests closeby in their toolbelt where they can pull from them and dig a little deeper into all the nuances when an idea is sparked and you know there is something special there, even if you can’t exactly put your finger on it.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, having started two companies of my own. I’ve also worked in sales, advertising, marketing and events, wine, fashion, podcasting, and acting. I’m a writer, an artist, an average baker, a heart-on-my-sleeve lover, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, homemaker and friend.

That’s us in 1994. Josh and I grew up together in Centralia, WA, got married at 19 and 21, and have basically spent our entire lives “building” things… together. Businesses, babies, careers, home, dreams… Not a lot has changed since this photo. Except we both have longer hair, wrinkles and Josh has an amazing beard.

On our blog, you’ll find us planning our next projects, navigating through current ones, sharing reveals of completed ones, linking products we love, exploring decor and design updates and evolutions, and occasionally a heartfelt deep-dive or a family update. Oh! And humor. Always a side of humor.

We love music, dancing, cooking, hosting, throwing a party, estate sales, working together in our backyard and hanging out with our kids in the pool. Our style is eclectic, modern, warm and cozy, smart and polished and a little big weird, or unique. But hopefully that’s why you’re here!

No matter what your style is, we’re all in this “making a house a home” thing together. Creating spaces that bring us joy, make a simple Tuesday feel spectacular, and a sense of wonder and magic that keeps things feeling comforting, inspiring and exciting. And, just like I love following all different types of accounts on Instagram, whether their homes look like mine or not, there’s inspiration to be drawn from everywhere and anywhere. And! The best part is you just might learn something new about yourself, or a design approach you hadn’t considered. How cool is that!?

Thank you for joining us as we discover this home, and in turn, a little more about ourselves. And figure out what’s right for right now. We hope we’ll inspire you to harness the happy in your life and celebrate every square inch of your home with a grateful heart. We’re so thankful you’re here!

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Hi, my name is Lindsay! Thank you for coming by! Josh and I are having a riot over here tackling our biggest project yet: turning this Texas-sized house into our home!


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