Painting Doors, Trim & Ceilings to Match Walls

As soon as we set out to design our primary bedroom, we were immediately drawn to dark, saturated colors – specifically grays and blacks. There are many positives to taking a room super dark – especially a bedroom because the dark color is calming, and pretty much guarantees a good sleep!

Initially, we only painted the walls. I wasn’t aware yet of the all-over paint style to “color drench” a room from the baseboards, to the doors to the ceiling. In hindsight, it would have been a lot easier to paint it all at once, but we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Several months later, I began seeing hallways, media rooms and bedrooms “drenched” in all over color and fell in love with the cocoon vibe. Josh and I talked about it and really did love the dark walls and also liked the idea of blending in all of the other components of a room, instead of leaving them white and having them stick out like sore thumbs. White accents and trims don’t go with our color palette in this room anyway, so why should we leave all of these things white?

Bottom line: turns out, our dark walls weren’t enough. And we knew what we needed to do: take that mood down to the baseboards and all the way up our doorjambs and ceiling.

The color is Sherwin Williams “Iron Ore.” We love how it’s a cool tone, but definitely feels warm when the lights are dimly lit at night – or set aglow during these fantastic North Texas sunrises. While our nightstands and bed are new, the antique armoire belonged to Josh’s parents and the wood tones of the piece seem to flow seamlessly into the hardwood floors. On another wall, we have almost the same exact color stained wood on our fireplace surround and mantle, and on the doors concealing the television. We love how the dark wood blends with the area rug and of course – the all over paint color.

If you’re on the fence about all-over color in general – especially dark or black all-over color, there is one thing we want to assure you: Painting the ceiling will not make your room appear smaller. The all-over color actually keeps our eyes moving throughout the room, and it feels bigger, contrary to what many think. And painting the baseboards, doorjambs and doors helps continue this seamless look. Why interrupt the flow, highlighting those kinds of things when the eyes could actually rest and focus on your beautiful accents like pillows or artwork instead?


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