Front Entry Table Design for Spring

One of my favorite parts about this house is the foyer. I didn’t grow up dreaming about one this size, but I did grow up dreaming about one just large enough to have a center table on the other side of the front door where I could places bunches of flowers, collections of sticks, and Christmas trees at Christmastime. As soon as we walked into this house, and I stood in this foyer and looked up, and around, it surpassed all my childhood visions.

One year ago, I planted two small Mandevilla and some variation of a palm in this urn beside the pool. It was climbing two bamboo sticks really well, until it grew past those, and I placed two much taller sticks in the pot. Josh laughed and thought it would look a little ridiculous if it continued to climb and fill, but I had a vision.

Enter January and we brought her inside to see if she would continue to grow and thrive indoors. She lived in our brightly, naturally-lit living room for a few months, and then I decided it was time to move her to the center table in the foyer. We had just had our new, custom steel and glass doors installed and I thought the now 6’ tall Mandevilla would be a showstopper inside – and from the street – resting on top of our round entry table. I bought several faux birdies, butterflies – even some dragonflies – and attached them to her vines all the way up and around. I think she liked being indoors for the winter!

I found this tiny little bird’s nest in our driveway – long vacant – and brought it in. The Stewart staple, a teeny disco ball, seemed the perfect addition for this little party bird.

I placed some birds on the edge of the urn, and on the handle of this large wicker lantern. The sunsets in this room, through the diamond-shaped leaded glass refract color in the dreamiest ways, giving a beautiful sunset vibe even for my faux little birds.

A lot of people think these butterflies are real! This pink one is so cheery and picks up the pink velvet on the savonarola chairs that I dragged out of some guy’s barn.

Even our matching tall, wooden pillar candle holders were outfitted with a bird! In case you were wondering, the best view isn’t only from the front doors, or coming down the stairway… we have a beautiful view from our living room, through these archways, also. I love this peek-a-boo for whatever I end up designing on our front table. Stay tuned for our “summer” table when this urn heads back outside for pool season. I’m so thankful she made it through the winter!

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