Our Plans for Custom Iron Doors

In case you missed our big announcement, we’re installing custom iron and glass doors! When we were initially collecting design ideas we loved, we began saving images and created a collage to keep us focused. With custom doors, you can literally customize almost every detail, and a collage kept us from feeling overwhelmed. We are thrilled to announce we selected Freedom Iron Doors!

I have no problem visualizing what the doors we selected will look like once they’re installed, but I did do a quick little mock-up in Canva just for fun. Since this is a custom project, we wanted to be triple-sure we’d incorporated the specific details and look of the doors that were on our collage and wishlist, into the final CADs. I cannot wait. We love the updates this will give our home from the exterior and the interior, but also very eager about that extra light! Mika’s adorable father, Mike, first visited our house and took measurements of the double front door, and the single side door off the kitchen. These measurements would be used for creating our CADs and ultimately for production, since these doors are 100% custom. Josh and I also visited their showroom to test various styles of handles, pulls and the roller-catch style closure, instead of a working door knob or handle. Our front doors will end up weighing over 700 pounds, and visiting the showroom really helped us to imagine the heft of the doors, in addition to the craftsmanship and design of the features on the doors.

This is what our front door, and side kitchen door that leads to the courtyard look like now. We are really looking forward to all the additional light we’ll receive with the glass doors, but especially the increased light that will flood our kitchen, since it’s currently a windowless door.

The production lead-time from the date we signed off on our CADs is approximately 16 weeks. This puts our install date right before Christmas. We’ll be sure to include you in case you’re curious about the process, or may be considering an upgrade like this to your home!

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