What to do with a blank wall?

Can you say “blank space?” Meet our largest blank canvas ever: Monster Wall. We’ve been tossing ideas around since we first laid eyes on this house, about what on earth might go on this wall! We have toyed with various ideas including a collection of cool items, a gigantic piece of art or a structural “thing”, or painting a design pattern all over the wall, a la Kelly Wearstler. (Huge fan.)

This is the view of the wall from the upstairs hallway. The fact that the wall downstairs in the living room is as much a part of the design of the upstairs hallway is what seems to be the hangup for us. The scale should be large enough that the wall is used to her full capacity, beautiful and eye catching from the first floor, but also interesting and captivating at eye level when you’re in the upper hallway.

As it is right now, when you look over the balcony, it feels literally like a birds-eye-view or a map on Google Earth of a distant living room, so far away. Our goal is to fine-tune some of our artistic ideas and hopefully scale it proportionately to the wall, to bring both levels of the room into one conversation.

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