The Perfect Backyard Umbrella

This post is sponsored by California Umbrella, but all views are my own. Our backyard recently underwent a redesign and update. Our goal for our backyard was to make it ...

Our Hanging Christmas Trees and What I Learned

This Christmas, we suspended Christmas trees from our living room ceiling. What began as an act of creative expression, ended up being an accomplished engineering feat, a display that reminded me of a 5th Avenue department store, a train of slowly passing cars in front of the house each evening,

Wi-Fi Flex Lights in our Backyard

This post is sponsored by Enbrighten but all views are my own. Who said backyard lighting had to be boring? We’ve upped our exterior illumination game thanks to the ingenuity of our new Wi-Fi flex lights from Enbrighten. We’ve been in the middle of a backyard renovation to increase the

Postcards from Heaven

Speaking of tradition and trying something new – we have never had a Christmas tree in our kitchen. We’ve hung garland in virtually every room in our past apartments and home, but we’ve never decorated a full-on Christmas tree in any room besides the living room. Last year, I grabbed

What I'm Totally Vibing​

Home decor items, hosting must-haves, really cool shoes, or things I love that just make sense – I try to save it all!

Tradition + Something New

Growing up, there was one Christmas I had a real Christmas tree in my bedroom. I can’t remember why. But, filed under “magical moments in my childhood,” there it shines. Still, today. But was it a dream? It was so magical, like – did it even happen? I literally just

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, my name is Lindsay! Thank you for coming by! Josh and I are having a riot over here tackling our biggest project yet: turning this Texas-sized house into our home, and we’ve decided to bring you along as we decorate, renovate, learn to keep a lawn and garden, make

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