A Major Gift for YOU!

The top question right now on my Instagram feed reels and posts, in my DMs and on our Homeworthy episode is…

“Where did you get your umbrellas?”

First off, I have to tell you what this post is NOT. This is not a sponsored post. And this is not affiliate link. What this post IS, is me telling you where you, too, can get the most fabulous outdoor umbrellas because I love them so much and I know you will, too! And – here’s the exciting news – at a 40% discount. The wonderful people over at California Umbrella have become my friends with all of this recent tagging, so I asked them if they could be so kind to generate a code for my followers and they GRACIOUSLY and generously created a big one for all of you!

Without further ado – use this link and code lindsay40 to save 40% on the ultra-chic umbrellas from our retro dreams: the Terrace Series from the Malibu Point Dream House Edition! Select from four delicious colors! Our yellow ones are “Sunny-Side Smarties.”

Read more about my favorite umbrellas here. Have a beautiful day!

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